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Un-planned short trip to Leeds

Un-planned short trip to Leeds from Manchester

While staycations are not always possible, day trips are my next best getaway idea. If you love to get away every once in a while and enjoy spontaneous plans this one's definitely for you and you wouldn't wanna miss it, I swear.

Read through to know how we reached another city in search of food.

Early in the morning around 4:30 AM, while the sun was about to rise and the beautiful city of Manchester was starting to buzz again your girl with her bestie was out on the street coming back from a party, starving for food. While we were supposed to book an Uber to the spar near our accommodation, accidentally ended up booking an uber to spar outside Picadilly station. Upon arrival, we realised we reached the wrong place and our hungry souls could hear the noise of a train approaching. Still trying to figure out what struck our mind that we decided to take the day and go explore a new city. After missing the train we were initially supposed to take we took some takeaway to feed ourselves and took the next train to Leeds. 7:30 in the morning it was two of us in party clothes and heels, with no clue what to do next. While most good places to eat were supposed to open at 9 am we began exploring the city while it was closed. Trust me, there's no better way to get to know a city from its heart than to explore without having anything fixed in mind. We walked through random streets and waited for coffee shops to open. Oh and also we learned it takes a lot of time daily to prepare and set the shop before starting to serve its lovely customers (the staff came in whopping 90 minutes early and opened just in time)

Like any other city, Leeds had its own essence. This beautiful city had UK's best cafes and restaurant chains. After having oat milk hot coffee from Starbucks, we headed towards exploring the city. We walked through the beautiful streets while the city was still getting ready to start for the day. Our next stop was Ivy, Victoria Quarter where we stopped for breakfast. I had a fruit plate with coconut “yoghurt” and chia seeds (Vegan) // trying to be healthy hahaha. We then took a walk around the Victoria Quarter. If you're interested in exploring street markets and have a love for beautiful architecture, this is your place!! ALSO, if getting clicked is your thing, wearing a white flowy dress would do so much justice to your Instagram.

POV: I made it to my covid vaccination appointment in Manchester at 2:45 pm. Oh and also, we did the whole trip in just 22 pounds!!

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