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2021 guide to living in Manchester, sustainably

This is my first ever blog piece, so it had to be something I can about. Sustainability is an innovative term, we all have been hearing about all over social media these days. Oftentimes, we tend to know about things we want to try but don't know where and how to start. Just like most others, I knew about the existence of the term sustainability but little did I know that it is a term you can apply to almost everything. From fashion to food, it surrounds us in every sphere of life. It is a way to balance meeting your needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Below, I have listed a few ways, to live sustainably, not only in Manchester but in most parts of the world.

  1. Try plant-based

As hard as it sounds, I can assure you from personal experience that yes it is a bit hard, requires patience, persistence and compromise but isn’t definitely impossible. It was my second year at University, October 10 2020 when I decided to turn vegan and never looked back. While it was hard to find food that actually cured my cravings and was healthy at the same time, soon I got used to it. From missing sausage rolls for breakfast and crispy butter prawns for snacks to having plant-based versions of the same, I actually started looking at the world from a different perspective. I could test my control power and feel happier consuming food which is not only healthy for me but also healthy for our planet, there came a sense of belongingness I never felt before. On the subject of environment and climate change, does what we eat make a difference? To what we say, "Absolutely!" because our ecosystem is so inter-connected, the everyday food choices we make, matter. University of Oxford researchers concluded veganism to be the single best way to reduce an individual's carbon footprint from food by up to 73%. It can help save up to 4200 litres of water every day and 28 meters squared of forested land per day. These are numbers significant to illustrate that one person can make a difference. The biggest thing which struck me was animal farming and cruelty. Understanding the ways in which animals are harmed for our beings, makes me realise how much we don't care about the lives of our fellow beings, who have done nothing but came to this planet being different from us.

Following vegan recipe developers on social media helped me get used to cooking amazing vegan food at home. Definitely, check out cookingwithhayeh, , fitgreenmind and radhidevulika . They are my personal favourites!!. While veganism is more prevalent in western countries, it can be harder in developing countries like India, but our combined efforts can definitely make a huge difference.

Coming to Manchester and wanting to try some good healthy vegan restaurants, you definitely can't miss out on:

  1. Scrambled tofu toast, hashbrowns and pecan brownies at Vertigo, located at various streets of Manchester city centre

  2. Vegan protein oat pancakes, toasted banana bread and special chocolate and raspberry brownies at Remedy kitchen located at St Anns Square, Manchester. Brownie points, the restaurant is so good if you're trying to lose some pounds off your body. (they just use natural sweeteners!!) But make sure you go there timely because the restaurant closes at 5 pm, you wouldn't wanna miss it.

  3. Cauliflower wings, fish and chips, the famous Manchester tart and hazelnut slice are my go-to while visiting the deep blue walled vegan eatery, The Allotment at Lloyd St.

  4. For Indian food, the Indian tiffin room at the first street and Bhaji Pala in Cheadle have amazing vegan food options.

2. Re-usable cups

Re-usable cups have been around for us for years now, not only at our favourite coffee shops but also at our local grocery shops. Not only do they come in vibrant colours, shapes and sizes but are also more cost-efficient and sustainable for our earth. As an added bonus, re-usable cups offer better heat retention keeping our hot drinks warmer than our go-to disposable cups. With every single-use coffee cup we use individually, together we discard a staggering 2.5 billion cups globally every year. While it barely includes any compromise, re-usable cups can be one of the most convenient ways to promote sustainability on individual levels.

3. Shop vintage and second hand

There are so many amazing charity and vintage shops in Manchester and across the world, selling second-hand accessories to clothes.

Some of the stores in Manchester include-

  • Thrift shop Manchester- The store sells amazing vintage second-hand clothes at incredible prices, located in the heart of the city centre, the store is easily accessible by bus. You can have a look at their amazing collection thriftshopmanchester on 39 Parker Street, Manchester. M1 4AJ Monday-Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 11-5

  • British heart foundation furniture and electrical- Located across various parts of the UK, you should give it a try if you're looking for cheap yet good quality furniture. You won't only be buying furniture for your house/office you'll be helping in the cardiovascular research project without paying any extra money or time. It feels good to work towards a cause, doesn't it?

The biggest store in Manchester is located on 56 Cheetham Hill Rd, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 5BN and is open from 9:30 AM- 5 every day from Monday to Saturday and 10 AM-4 PM on Sundays.

4. Replacing tissue papers with a kitchen cloth

As cliche as it sounds, replacing a single-use tissue paper with a kitchen cloth can help reduce as much as 42 million tons of tissue paper globally, every year. While it sounds cringe most people aren't on board with sticking to this replacement, using disposable tissue papers at least for toilet rolls can certainly be the next best solution. To help navigate this tricky decision making of the most feasible and efficient alternatives, the list attached below can be your go-to guide for choosing eco-friendly toilet paper in the UK. These can be easily sourced from your local grocery shops like Aldi

5. Electric cabs

With travelling getting more feasible than ever, air pollution has been on the rise. The world health organisation estimates 4.2 million deaths annually can be attributed to outdoor air pollution. You and I together can help cut down these numbers drastically by using an electric mode of transportation. While, they are not so affordable for all of us, making a small switch while using a cab can be highly beneficial. Recently, your favourite black cab, running all over your cities in the UK have started an electric version. While the prices for the normal black cab and an electrical black cab remain fairly similar, it can be your go-to solution for saving your environment without having to cause any travelling inconvenience.

Hope you enjoyed reading my first ever blog post. Feel free to send in your feedback and suggestions.

Lot’s of loveee


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